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Watch for updates on our lineup!
Food Trucks
Big Machine Vodka
Mill Creek Brewing
Clayton James Whiskey
Smackdab Brewing
Mos Alesley Brewing
Hi-Wire Brewing
Vitruvian Artisan Ales
Cedar Glade Brews
Chattanooga Whiskey
Mid State Brewsters
Mid State Brew Crew
Bold Rock Hard Cider
Heaven's Door
Stolen Rum
Hutton & Smith
Overall Brewing
Thompson Brood
Brown Forman
Blake's Hard Cider Co.
Tennessee Brew Works
Short Mountain Distillery
Stone Brewing Co.
Food Trucks
Doughbox Pizza
The Dough Box is a food truck that houses a wood fired pizza oven from Naples, Italy. We specialize in creating authentic Italian pizzas in our 850* oven.
Creative Culinary Creations
Feed a crowd with “Boro Hot” Chicken, Nasty Nate Nachos and so much more!
Catarina's Mexican Food truck
Corn tortilla. Cilantro. The juiciest meats. Lime. Everything freshly prepared, every day. We believe in the powerful simplicity of the taco as it was originally conceived and prepared all over Mexico, to this day. We believe that it is possible to be creative with new recipes while being respectful of Mexican cuisine at the same time.
Empanada Sonata
The Empanada Sonata’s goal is to provide the ultimate “eat out” experience. We will offer at least 15 delicious, home-made empanadas ranging from the classic beef empanada to a dessert-based Nutella and Banana empanada.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate place to get together with your friends, watch sports, drink beer, and eat wings
Float Alchemy
Wandering Apple Boutique
Aspiring Health Clinic of Chiropractic
Mikey's Motors
Aflac, Murfreesboro Impact Region
Cool Newage
CBD American Shaman
Elwood Staffing
Daylight Sinners
John Tyler & the Chase
John Tyler & The Chase’s Stadium-Rock with modern gusto has had audiences quaking across the North and Southeast since their birth in October of 2017. Garnering early comparisons to past Rock and Roll giants such as Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison for their dangerous sound with looks to match, John Tyler & The Chase are leading the way as Knights of the Rock n’ Roll Renaissance.
Drake Freeman
A new rising star on the Nashville scene and native of Atlanta, GA, Drake Freeman is an accomplished singer/songwriter and musician with his debut EP released in October 2015.
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